About Us

What is BSU?

BSU (Baptist Student Union) is a national organization of college students. The organization is open to students of all backgrounds.

And while BSU is an organization, the Hinds BSU does not strive to be an institution defined by events and programs. We are a community existing in relationship to God and others. As such, we are constantly living, growing, learning, and changing.

How do I join?

To become a part of BSU you don't "join" or sign up for anything (although we will sometimes ask you to fill out an information card just so that we can get to know you); rather you just come be a part of what we are doing. We have often told students that to be a part of BSU you just "show up". While this is somewhat true, becoming a part of a community means getting to know people and letting them get to know you. We believe that we have a lot to offer you in your growth process, and that we will learn and grow from you as well.

How do I get in contact with the BSU?

The BSU Number is (601) 857-5312. If no one answers just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email us at hindsbsu@aol.com.

What does the BSU do that I can get involved with?

Our two main meeting times each week are Momentum (Tuesday nights @ 7:00) or One Buck Thursday (Thursdays @ 12:30, Lunch for $1 and devotional). But we also have other activities going on, such as Discipleship Groups (D-Groups), retreats and conferences, special activities, game nights, mission trips, summer missions...and the list goes on.


Here's just a little something extra which you may find interesting: The Hinds BSU has been around since 1932 and is believed to be the first junior college BSU in the South.